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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Pre-Tenure Strategic Plan

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Go from “I have no idea what I’m doing” to “I’ve got this!” by learning how to create an actionable pre-tenure roadmap that gives you the clarity and direction you need to feel confident in your ability to earn promotion and tenure.

Easy to implement strategies designed to take the overwhelm out of earning tenure.

A course for pre-tenure assistant professors

In my first two years on the tenure track, I worked all of the time, but usually not on the right things.

I spent way too much time on teaching, and sacrificed my evenings and weekends (and sleep) for research. I didn’t exercise, or pursue hobbies, or make friends, or eat well. I was stressed, and exhausted, and lonely. Plus, I developed a back problem from too many hours hunched over my laptop! Ouch!

I know now that it doesn’t have to be this way. You can earn tenure without working yourself into the ground. Instead of repeating my mistakes, I want you to learn from them.

I'm Becca. 

Hey, assistant professors. I've been there...


With my newfound confidence, I am able to trust my instincts thus diminishing the time I once wasted second-guessing my work or delaying submissions in fear of rejection. I have strengthened my ability to set reasonable goals and prioritize my time and energy. Since working with Becca, I have been able to meet or exceed all of my writing goals each semester."

"Becca provided me with a perspective and support that allowed me to push through the barriers that had been weighing me down since my graduate program. 


She gave valuable suggestions and guidance based on her experience as a professor and with other clients...I learned how to be more intentional about my time, which has helped me become more productive during work hours and feel less guilty when it's time to rest."

"Becca provided a supportive structure for me to identify my own roadblocks and develop strategies that worked for me, rather than simply giving me a list of recommendations or telling me what to do.


Becca really helped me put things in perspective, focus on why I even applied for that grant in the first place, what I was trying to achieve. Thanks to her, I felt a lot less worried, and could spend a more time actually getting ready (also: I got the grant!).

"I first contacted Becca because I was getting ready for an interview for a huge European grant. Actually, at that time, I wasn't getting ready, I was mostly panicking 24/7.


She makes concrete suggestions to conceptualize and pursue my professional goals that improve my quality of life."

"Becca really listens and understands the difficulties of being a tenure-track woman in academia.

Assistant professor, University of Indiana

She does not give a pre-fabricated answer but listens to your specific situation and asks questions that help you craft out the path that works best for you.

"Becca has been supportive, understanding, and strategic in her coaching.

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